Movies with kids – a 4 year old at the theater

OK, so today was another “first time” for me – I took the Bigguy to a theater (or cinema if you like) to watch a movie. It was great, but there’s some stuff that needs to be taken into account while watching movies with kids.

So it was Sunday again. A winter Sunday at that, with snow and slight sub-zero temperatures. With the weather not really giving us much options to play around, I figured I’d take a shot in the dark and take the older one to the movies. The littleone would have to stay with Mum, but the bigguy was ready for it. Or so I thought at least.

Personally, I love movies and going to the theater used to be a major hobby of mine before the kids were born. After that, things slowed down with movies a bit, just like they slowed down with pretty much everything else I (or we) had dear in our lives. But you loose Star Wars to a pair of great kids – so it’s a really good deal I should say. Either way, after 4 years it was time to find out what it’s like to go to the movies with kids.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the morning trying to figure out what we could watch. With a million movie theatres in Warsaw I found that they’re all playing more or less the same thing, with not too many kids movies. At the same time, all the ones that were actually playing were full length movies, leaving no room for a starting phase on the whole movies with kids idea …

Either way, I eventually chose “Zambezia” – a pretty fun movie, as it turned out. About birds fighting to preserve their peaceful city in the heart of Africa. A typical story, with a young one proving his worth to his dad … nothing surprising, but fun too watch in a way. So we packed up bigguy into his best jeans and off we went  …

He was quite amazed from the very start, I must admit. Of course, movies with kids is not just about movies. The whole process, starting with buying tickets, getting some popcorn and juice and finally getting into the theatre room was exciting for him, as it was for me as it was a first. So that was certainly great.

Before we walked in I got one of those special pillows for the seat to make sure that he would have a good view on the movie. And here was the first mistake – I should have gotten two. He did see pretty well, but I’m sure that the seat in front of him did get in the way at least a little bit. And once we were seated there was no way I could have left him and went for another one.

As soon as we walked in he basically stopped with his chin flat to the ground – Wow, Dad, what a huge TV! – was what I got. Quite amusing both for me and pretty much everyone else around to hear it icon smile Movies with kids   a 4 year old at the theater . He was really impressed by everything, starting with the enormous amount of seats and finishing off with the huge screen.

So, before any movie there are the commercials. That’s irritating – watching movies with kids is not the best moment to see commercials. At that, they’re generally much louder than the movie as such. So, the bigguy keeps his ears covered by his hands and complains that it’s too loud. And he’s got no fun in it at all as they’re advertising a political / lifestyle magazine … just perfect for four year olds who are not the slightest bit interested in gay marriage quite yet …

But the movie starts and it’s all good. He’s chewing down on his popcorn and slurping down some Raspberry juice. It’s fun, he’s not scared although that was what I worried about – after all, it’s dark and quite loud.

The movie was pretty short for a typical movie – only about an hour and thirty minutes. Yet I did see that he had enough after about an hour. I expected that – when you go to see movies with kids try to pick the shortest ones possible. It’s a pitty that there weren’t any playing today – he would have had more fun had it been a bt shorter. But he bravely stayed till the end and was quite moved by the typical, hollywood-like ending.

All in all, it was a great trip. I hope he liked it and we’ll be able to repeat it now over and over again. If you haven’t yet, do give it a try. Movies with kids can be great because you do get to see a movie and at the same time you’re spending some quality time with your kids. It was great. Just make sure yours won’t hate it for the long playing time or excessive noise. Movie trauma is the last thing I’d want …

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